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ARL is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen of the communities in which it operates and is an active participant in business organisations at the local, regional and national level, including the following Industry memberships.

ARL Affiliations and Memberships 

Australian Collectors & Debt Buyers Association (ACDBA)

The Australian Collectors and Debt Buyers Association (ACDBA) was established in May 2009,for the benefit of companies who collect, buy and/or sell debt.

The objectives of ACDBA are to:

o    represent the interests of members involved in debt collection and debt buying;

o    establish and maintain a code of practice for the business activities of members;

o    encourage best practice of members in their professional activities;

o    provide opportunity for members to discuss and deliberate on matters affecting them professionally; and

o    facilitate representation to further the professions of members.

·           ACA International

·           Institute Mercantile Agent (IMA) - (Statewide Mercantile Services)

·           Credit Services Association UK

Local Government Association

·           Revenue Managers Association (RMA) - Victoria

·           NSW Rating Professionals Inc. (NSWRP) - New South Wales

·           LARMA (Local Authorities Revenue Management Association) - Queensland

·           SAIRA (South Australian Institute of Rate Administrators Inc) – Adelaide

Through active involvement in these organisations, ARL maintains its awareness of developments in the industry and makes positive contributions. Through these bodies, ARL is able to benchmark its performance as a leader in National and International practices in receivables management. 

ACDBA Results of FY2014 Member Data Survey

Attached is a summary snapshot of industry data gathered from the members of Australian Collectors & Debt Buyers Association for FY2014 and compared to the 2 previous years.

ACDBA Code of Practice
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