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Thoroughbred Industry Division Launched
Paul Cooney, Managing Director of ARL has announced the launch of a specific sector of ARL's business, The Thoroughbred Industry Division, to manage and facilitate the specific Accounts Receivable needs of the Thoroughbred Industry.

This enhances ARL's commitment to the Thoroughbred Industry above the existing exposure it has currently with major clients in the industry,

Through this existing exposure, ARL has been able to consider the specific requirements of the Thoroughbred Industry and formulate innovative, industry specific solutions, allowing for ARL to provide to all our Thoroughbred Industry clients a service, based on experience and knowledge borne of necessity, that the industry requires to arrest the growing problem of continued non-payment for services rendered.

ARL's commitment is moving above and beyond the facilitation to our Thoroughbred Industry clients of a specialist Contingent Debt Collection solution and is in the processes of assisting with the formulation a Thoroughbred Industry Credit Bureau. This will give the Thoroughbred Industry the ability to reduce their exposure to Credit Risks through the sharing of information of those within the Industry that are delinquent in their obligations of payment.

We are excited to be able to provide ARL's tailored, innovative solutions to the Thoroughbred Industry under the consultative guidance of Bill Duncan, a 20 year Debt Recovery Professional and Partner in Couzinz, a first class thoroughbred establishment on Queensland's Darling Downs.
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