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As we are all aware, both Victoria and New South Wales have been hit with our country’s worst Natural Disaster over the last few days.  With no end in sight. Unfortunately in Victoria many lives have been lost and many smaller towns have been totally destroyed.

Over the next few days, weeks and months, we will be very conscious of the circumstances of the victims of this tragedy, and under the provisions of our hardship policy, have made the decision to suspend all correspondence or phone calls to the areas that have been severely affected.  We will also be including Queensland flood affected areas in this exemption.

All demand letter requests will be automatically checked every hour by ARL’s IT Department and a STOP will be put on all of those which have a post code relating to the nominated areas. The files will be noted with a status change, to STOP-Natural Disaster.  We are also making some changes to our Dialler file export to exclude all contact to the affected areas.  This will ensure that our National Collection Centre can continue to generate campaigns without the risk of contacting any victims of the disaster. 

We will be reminding all ARL staff about the hardship policy and this will be considered not just this week but in the weeks to come as the reality of the situation sets in, and the full extent of the loss and damage is revealed.  Please find attached a list of the affected areas and respective postcodes for your reference.

We trust that you support our policy. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact your Business Development Executive.


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Updated Suburb Post Code List
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